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Forthcoming Events




Monday 5th - Wise Woman Circle




£5 per person



Becoming Wise Women


This group is for women at all stages of the journey through Menopause. For those who have noticed cyclical and other physical signs that their moon cycle is changing, for those who have had medical interventions that have brought on changes and for those who have ceased bleeding.


It is said that when women's life-creating monthly blood ceases to flow they hold it within them as 'wise blood'. Our path to becoming wise women is a rite of passage, a journey, and as with all life transitions, includes emotional and physical turmoil along the way. This is all part of leaving behind the old self and birthing a new self.


There are a number of different stages we pass through from the first moment of sensing changes to our cycle and noticing physical signs that announce the beginning of our journey, through to the emergence of women who have experienced not just the death of their biological fertility but the birth of deeper, wilder, unencumbered, beautiful wise women, free to be idiosyncratic and deeply ourselves.


Join us in a safe, nurturing circle where we share our journeys, support each other at whatever stage we are at and celebrate this amazing and challenging time in our lives!


If you are thinking "...but I'm not a Wise Woman" please feel welcome to this group. We all hold wisdom inside us and we are all learning to access that wisdom.


We'll have a theme each month to provide a focus for discussion and for women to support each other around the different aspects of this journey.


This month the theme is:


Letting Go


£5 per person

Snacks and hot drinks provided


Feel free to call me for further information if you'd like to come 07825 447756 ♥






Tuesday 13th - Fortnightly Gathering




£5 per person



Red Tent Bournemouth welcomes you to our fortnightly gathering for women of all ages. This is a place where women are supported, nurtured and heard. It is a safe and sacred space honouring our journey as women. In the Red Tent we are all sisters. There is no judgement and no 'fixing'.


Women frequently describe Red Tent Bournemouth as a 'homecoming'. The Red Tent welcomes you as you are. Come. Be nurtured and supported on your journey.


Red Tent Bournemouth Fortnightly Gatherings begin at 7.30pm. Each gathering is for about three hours.


Please do wear something red if you feel like it, and please feel free to bring something to place on the altar.


Please RSVP so that we can prepare refreshments.










Sunday 16th October- Worldwide Womb Blessing


5.00 - 8.00pm


£5.00 per person




Join us in the Red tent to receive the beautiful womb blessing energy and share with thousands of other women all over the world who will be receiving at the same time.


Enjoy the benefits of receiving the World Wide Womb Blessing in the presence of Moon Mothers - through their initiation with Miranda, the vibration of the Blessing energy within their bodies acts as a catalyst for the energy, bringing deeper experiences and more energy to your group.


You will need to bring:

  • a shawl to wear

  • 2 Womb Blessing bowls (any small bowls to contain a candle and drinking water)

  • 1 tea light candle

  • an item for the altar

  • something nice to eat to share to help ground at the end of the event


This is for all women, with or without a womb, who have menstruated. Young girls cannot receive the Womb Blessing until after they have had their first menstruation. Men are welcome in the worldwide events. They cannot receive the Womb Blessing themselves, but there are separate meditations for them.


“The Divine Feminine runs with you on your path.

Tell her your goals, desires, quests and imaginings.

She laughs with joy at all the things you will do together.”      From the book ‘Spiritual Messages for Women’ by Miranda Gray






20141213_182522 20141221_122706 Me at Menarche Ceremony in Red Tent March 2014