supporting women through changes and challenges

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Facilitators: Helen Gialias & Teresa Bilowus


Monthly Gatherings 

These are for women of all ages. This is a place where women are supported, nurtured, and heard. It is a safe and sacred space honouring our journey as women. In the Red Tent we are all sisters. Red Tent Monthly Gatherings are open to everyone who has ever menstruated. Be nurtured and supported on your journey.

Red Tent Monthly Gatherings take place on the second Tuesday and last Thursday of every month and begin at 7.30pm. Each gathering is for about three hours.



Living With Your Menstrual Cycle - learn to live in tune with your menstrual cycle

Journey to Menopause

Healing Birth Trauma

Sacred Cacao Ceremonies facilitated by artist Hazel Evans

Painting workshops with artist Christine Dodd

and more .......


Wise Woman Circle

This is a support group for women who are at any stage of menopause or who have emerged the other side. It is for women noticing changes in their cycle and for those who are going through menopause induced by medical procedures. This is a safe and held space for women to share their experiences of this sometimes difficult, confusing or painful time of change. It is held on the first Monday of every month.


Pregnancy Support Circle



Red Tent Open Days

You are invited to come and just 'be' in the beautiful safe Red Tent space. Our Red Tent Open Days are from 11am - 4pm. Come and rest in this beautiful, safe and sacred space. Commune with other women, craft, rest, sing or dance. It's your space, use it how best suits you.





Red Tent Bournemouth

Red Tent Bournemouth is a transformative space where women of all ages gather to share in the profound power of the menstrual cycle. We run regular Red Tent Gatherings and Menarche Ceremonies for Women of All Ages. We also run Girls Initiation Ceremonies, Menopause Celebrations, Healing the Mother Wound non-residential retreats, and Journey into Motherhood support.We provide access to resources and information for women. This space is open to all women.

Red Tent tree by Christine Dodd Teresa and I in Red Tent

Helen & Teresa

Red Tent Heart Tree by Christine Dodd

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